Thursday, March 18, 2010

Follow the Kiss

I woke up from a pleasant nap to find that my day had been taken over by frilly red-lips kisses!

I carried one of the mysterious love marks along everywhere I went as it sat upon my hand.
They smacked all over my mirror making for a lovely make-up ensemble.

They kept me company in the shower as I belted some of my favorite tunes.

As I realized it was time to do some laundry...

The kisses accompanied me there too.

They were even ready at the dinner table, but I psyched them out and went for a snack instead.

But they, too, decided to enjoy a scrumptious yellow banana.

 They even kissed for my daddy :-)
I love him.

But he's just a little camera shy.

Goodbye kisses, and please come again!

Color Me Katie

I discovered the most captivating child at heart and her name is Katie. Check her blog out at

She has planted a fiery inspiration within me!

That grows.

And grows.