Thursday, March 18, 2010

Follow the Kiss

I woke up from a pleasant nap to find that my day had been taken over by frilly red-lips kisses!

I carried one of the mysterious love marks along everywhere I went as it sat upon my hand.
They smacked all over my mirror making for a lovely make-up ensemble.

They kept me company in the shower as I belted some of my favorite tunes.

As I realized it was time to do some laundry...

The kisses accompanied me there too.

They were even ready at the dinner table, but I psyched them out and went for a snack instead.

But they, too, decided to enjoy a scrumptious yellow banana.

 They even kissed for my daddy :-)
I love him.

But he's just a little camera shy.

Goodbye kisses, and please come again!

Color Me Katie

I discovered the most captivating child at heart and her name is Katie. Check her blog out at

She has planted a fiery inspiration within me!

That grows.

And grows.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teacher of the Year- BUSTED

Ms. D busted in my biology class the other day.  We were taking a pig quiz, because we had been dissecting pigs.  Eric Barber had encountered some difficulties durning the power point quiz and was in need of some more time, but we had other things we needed to get done.  Eric is frantically prancing about the lab tables tying to write down his last answer while Ms. D steadily stalks after him (which only adds pressure).  Alex Hill points out how Ms. D is resembling a predator stalking its prey as Eric makes his way to the row of desks closest to the wall near the door.  Alex then yells, "Pounce!"  And Ms. D trying to be slick attempts to leap over the desk to attack Eric, but her foot jams into the desk chair.  Her forward momentum causes her to move on without her footing and face plant on the tile floor.  OUCH!  The class erupts with laughter!  I laughed so hard that tears came streaming down my face.  Ms. D snickered a little and called out from the floor, "Laci, I told you that if I busted to call the nurse."  All Eric could do was drop his quiz on her now up-turned tummy and mutter a meek "here you go."
Ms. D was my most difficult teacher because she expected the best out of her pre-ap class at all times. She made us work extremely hard.  But she was my favorite teacher of my freshman year by far.  She was witty, smart, and knew how to make the year memorable.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Thirsting

Wow! I have really been falling behind on my blogging duties! And I am the daughter of a professional photographer; I should be ashamed. I will do my best to stay up beat with this blog, because I've been inspired by my friend (and evil genius fork), Boo, or Lauren Heinrich. She is awesome! And really good at the whole blogging thing and the photography thing.

Meet The Thirsting. They are a totally awesome Catholic Christian rock band.
Drums: Bogdan Belonozhko 
Bass: Chelsea Gentry
Keys: Matt Lambrecht
Vocals, Guitar, keys, percussion: Daniel Oberreuter

This was an amazing experience, and I never wanted it to win. The whole crowd at St. John Neuman's was absolutely amazing, in fact, the band said that we were their best audience yet. Lubbock Texas, Who would have thought? LOL

Keilie, Danielle, and Me (Kalyn Marie)

Kristy Jones helps out with mu youth group at St. Joseph. She has lots of energy and is lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Next Winners of American Idol

The Cooper girls have a back-up plan in case their basketball careers don't work out... singing.

A little barn party was put together for the Cooper girls and their professional photographers (hehe!). We all filled our bellies to the brim with mexican stack as a very nice guest speaker spoke encouraging words to the basketball girls. I was honored to be a part of the party and especially enjoyed the singing. :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Dessert

Not quite like my mom, but it is a pretty killer shot. :-)

The Main Course

Cooper played hard, but it just wasn't enough to keep them moing on to Austin. Their season finally ended at the Texas Tech basketball stadium when they were beat by Canyon (who in fact ended up winning state). There was hardly a dry eye on the Cooper side of the court. It was so hard to see it end, but all good things have to come to an end sometime.
I must say that I really enjoyed photographing with my buddy Boo and my mom. I got some killer shots and definately learned a lot. THANK-You Cooper team for letting me be a small part of the action on the court. Maybe next time I will actually be a BIG part of the action. :-)

The Appetizer

Just a few pictures to sink your teeth in before the main course comes out. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas and all the Trimmings

This was the year for the BIG Christams (The one with the Hansons, and Brooke and Jack, and... well... EVERYONE). Just like we always do, we had a blast. THis Christmas had all the trimmings, such as Scooter racing (even the adults participated), ping-pong, poker, Chinese Christmas, and FOOD. There wasn't one dull moment this Christmas nor was there a moment when someone wasn't laughing.

Santa Claus gave Summer and I cameras for Christmas! All these pictures have been taken with my NEW camera. I absolutely love my new camera!

Christmas has once again come and gone, but the warm cozy feeling is still at home in my heart.

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!

Friday, March 09, 2007

I did it!

I did it. I made it through the track meet in one piece, and not only that, I also made it through with some really good and funny news.
Drum roll please.....
I came in 1st place!!!!!! It felt so awsome! I love that feeling that hits you a few minutes after you ran. The feeling is like no other and all you can do is sit there and smile and say, "I did it!".
Now I have some funny news to tell you. As we were running the last 100 on the mile, a girl in last place happened to "pitch her cookies" (as Mimi, Grand Sheila, would say). After she let it all out in another girls lane she kicked it into gear and passed about 3 paople to accept 6th place. Now that is a run!
What makes me laugh is that I had been talking to Boo, My fellow miler lauren Heinrich, before we ran about how it would certainly be something to have someone "pitch their cookies" in the mile race. We just didn't think it would actually happen.