Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Thirsting

Wow! I have really been falling behind on my blogging duties! And I am the daughter of a professional photographer; I should be ashamed. I will do my best to stay up beat with this blog, because I've been inspired by my friend (and evil genius fork), Boo, or Lauren Heinrich. She is awesome! And really good at the whole blogging thing and the photography thing.

Meet The Thirsting. They are a totally awesome Catholic Christian rock band.
Drums: Bogdan Belonozhko 
Bass: Chelsea Gentry
Keys: Matt Lambrecht
Vocals, Guitar, keys, percussion: Daniel Oberreuter

This was an amazing experience, and I never wanted it to win. The whole crowd at St. John Neuman's was absolutely amazing, in fact, the band said that we were their best audience yet. Lubbock Texas, Who would have thought? LOL

Keilie, Danielle, and Me (Kalyn Marie)

Kristy Jones helps out with mu youth group at St. Joseph. She has lots of energy and is lots of fun!