Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teacher of the Year- BUSTED

Ms. D busted in my biology class the other day.  We were taking a pig quiz, because we had been dissecting pigs.  Eric Barber had encountered some difficulties durning the power point quiz and was in need of some more time, but we had other things we needed to get done.  Eric is frantically prancing about the lab tables tying to write down his last answer while Ms. D steadily stalks after him (which only adds pressure).  Alex Hill points out how Ms. D is resembling a predator stalking its prey as Eric makes his way to the row of desks closest to the wall near the door.  Alex then yells, "Pounce!"  And Ms. D trying to be slick attempts to leap over the desk to attack Eric, but her foot jams into the desk chair.  Her forward momentum causes her to move on without her footing and face plant on the tile floor.  OUCH!  The class erupts with laughter!  I laughed so hard that tears came streaming down my face.  Ms. D snickered a little and called out from the floor, "Laci, I told you that if I busted to call the nurse."  All Eric could do was drop his quiz on her now up-turned tummy and mutter a meek "here you go."
Ms. D was my most difficult teacher because she expected the best out of her pre-ap class at all times. She made us work extremely hard.  But she was my favorite teacher of my freshman year by far.  She was witty, smart, and knew how to make the year memorable.